Revolutionary Wireless GPS/Data Device First Location Based Device to Offer Multiplexing Ability


     (ASHEVILLE, NC) April 10, 2006 — Homeland Integrated Security Systems (OTC:HISC) has recorded another “first” with its revolutionary Cyber Tracker.  The wireless GPS/Data device is the first location based device with the ability to run data and voice at the same time.  Traditional devices running data applications are not able to provide voice conversations simultaneously.


     Using the Motorola iO200 iDEN® modem, the Cyber Tracker is the first GPS device to provide multiplexing on an iDEN network.  The Motorola iO200 is an embedded module providing circuit/packet data connectivity, interconnect and dispatch calls. At only 2” x 2” square, the Motorola iO200 is smaller than other iDEN data devices, which require mounting with an external power source.  Modems to date have not allowed voice conversations to be placed while running a data application. Traditionally when someone is trying to reach an individual running a data application they receive a message “user busy in data”. With the Cyber Tracker, the data transmission will be put on hold to allow the voice conversation to take place. Once the conversation has ended, the unit will send the stored data and resume normal operation.    


     “The ability of the Cyber Tracker to provide voice and data at the same time makes it invaluable to a variety of applications,” said Frank Moody, CEO of Homeland Integrated Security Systems.  “This means someone using the Cyber Tracker as a wireless modem will still have the ability to have voice contact with the home office or dispatcher. Law enforcement, delivery services, emergency services and others will find this capability extremely important.”


     The Cyber Tracker is currently the only portable, low cost device that supports Push to Talk, tracking and computer functions without utilizing a cellular phone.  The Cyber Tracker incorporates a single board design with the Motorola iO200 modem, the Intel X scale processor, and extended battery life along with exclusive Cyber Tracker technology. This allows the unit to work as a portable processing device, creating a product with no boundaries or wires at a reasonable cost. The Cyber Tracker’s convenient rugged design (5” x 5” x 1”) makes it applicable in a variety of situations where it is necessary to know the exact location of a person, vehicle or other object.


About Homeland Integrated Security Systems:

     Homeland Integrated Security Systems owns proprietary technology and has the rights to use patents to some of the most innovative and sophisticated security products. Cyber Tracker technology has applications for data and tracking functions across numerous verticals. For more information please visit our website www.hissusa.com .


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