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Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Inc. Receives Purchase Order From Louisiana Based Rentrop Tugs, Inc.

GPS Cyber Trackers to be used with Web-based Cameras

ASHEVILLE, NC, Jan 25, 2006-- Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Inc. (OTC: HISC) announced today that it has received purchase orders for IDEN based, patent pending Cyber Trackers from Rentrop Tugs, Inc. The company will begin shipping product to Rentrop Tugs, Inc. immediately for its use with web-based cameras, and utilizing the Tracker's GPS technology for scheduling and management.

According to American Waterways Operators (AWO), the national association representing The Inland and Coastal Tugboat, Towboat and Barge industries, the overall industry is comprised of nearly 4,000 tugboats and towboats, and in excess of 27,000 barges. Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Inc.'s management estimates the untapped market for Cyber Tracker's web based camera technology to be worth millions, which does not include reoccurring revenue from software and connection charges.

This industry moves over 800 million tons of cargo a year on our nation's inland and coastal waterways. The AWO provides expert information on issues affecting this vital economical and environmentally friendly segment of America's commercial transportation system. The industry allows the United States to take advantage of one of its greatest natural resources, the 25,000-mile waterway system, and represents $5 billion annually to the U.S. economy, carrying 15% of the nation's commerce for 2% of the nation's freight bill.

"The Cyber Tracker is the 'all in one' communication device that the marine transportation industry has been waiting for. The Cyber Tracker will dramatically increase the efficiency of our operations. We look forward to the competitive advantage the Cyber Trackers will bring to our business, and we plan to add additional units to our fleet of towboats and tugboats," stated Patrick Rentrop, Rentrop Tugs, Inc.

"The Cyber Tracker, utilizing Web-based camera technology, is an extremely valuable tool for this industry which represents billions of dollars in assets. The 'Web Cam Cyber Tracker' is not only designed to track these assets, but will also allow users to get a real visual of their asset(s) and what irregularity could have set off the alarm. Images from the 'Web Cam Cyber Tracker' can be sent directly from the device to a home computer, lap top, cell phone, or PDA," stated Ian Riley, CTO, Homeland Integrated Security Systems, Inc.

Pictures from the "Web Cam Cyber Tracker" during the CES Convention are posted on


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