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Cyber Tracker Among Revolutionary Devices Highlighted at Show


ASHEVILLE, NC (April 13, 2006)—Homeland Integrated Security Systems (OTC: HISC) was one of approximately 270 companies from across the world chosen to exhibit in the Sixth International Special Operations Exhibition and Conference (SOFEX 2006) held in Amman, Jordan.  SOFEX 2006 was the second largest defense exhibition to be held within the Middle East and North Africa.  It is considered one of the world’s most comprehensive exhibitions focusing on special operations and homeland security. SOFEX 2006 was held March 27-30. Homeland Integrated Security Systems’ Cyber Tracker was among the products featured.


“The features of the Cyber Tracker make it an extremely valuable security tool for nations and governments around the world,” said Frank Moody, CEO of Homeland Integrated Security Systems.  “The opportunity to present it to the decision-makers in the military and security fields extremely important as we continue to explore potential uses for the Cyber Tracker.”


The Cyber Tracker, a wireless GPS/Data device, is the first location-based device with the ability to run data and voice at the same time.  Traditional devices running data applications are not able to provide voice conversations simultaneously. The Cyber Tracker incorporates a single board design with the Motorola io200 modem, the Intel X scale processor, an extended battery life along with exclusive Cyber Tracker technology. This allows the unit to work as a portable processing device, creating a product with no boundaries or wires at a reasonable cost. The Cyber Tracker’s convenient rugged design (5” x 5” x 1”) makes it applicable in a variety of situations where it is necessary to know the exact location of a person, vehicle or other object.


Ian Riley, Chief Technical Officer for Homeland Integrated Security Systems, headed the company team that attended SOFEX.




SOFEX is the second largest defense exhibition to be held within the Middle East and North Africa. In the last decade, the Middle East has emerged as the largest importing region for security and military defense equipment, representing approximately 60% of the global defense expenditure.

About Homeland Integrated Security Systems:

     Homeland Integrated Security Systems owns proprietary technology and has the rights to use patents to some of the most innovative and sophisticated security products. Cyber Tracker technology has applications for data and tracking functions across numerous verticals. For more information please visit our website .


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