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Vroom Foods Taps PRStreet for National Marketing Campaign

Firm to Market Innovative Caffeinated Food Products


(Cary, NC) – August 14, 2008 – Vroom Foods, Inc., an independent energy food company, has chosen PRStreet as Agency of Record.  PRStreet will work with the company to develop a strong national public relations, media relations, and marketing campaign for its products.


“We were drawn to PRStreet because of their experience with unique and independent companies, much like ours,” said Jason Kensey, President of Vroom Foods, Inc.  “Our products are innovative, and we foresee a strong marketing and public relations plan from PRStreet to reflect that.”


Vroom Foods, Inc. has developed Foosh® Energy Mints and Buzz Bites® Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Energy Chews.  Both of these products provide a caffeinated boost in a small and tasty package.  Each mint or chew contains 100 mg of caffeine, the same amount as 1 ¼ energy drinks and is a simple way to get energized.  The company’s mission is to “bring portable, affordable and powerful energy options to an energy craving world.”


“Vroom Foods, Inc. is a company that has all of the elements to be successful among bigger companies,” said Graham Wilson, president of PRStreet.  “We want to provide them with marketing and public relations that will add to and highlight their success.”


The “seriously caffeinated” products of Vroom Foods, Inc. efficiently give consumers an affordable and convenient source of energy.  Foosh® Energy Mints are sugar-free peppermints.  They are great source of caffeine, and unlike coffee, they freshen your breath.  Buzz Bites® Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Energy Chews satisfy your sweet tooth and give you the energy boost your need.  In addition to caffeine, both products contain B vitamins, Ginseng, and Taurine for long lasting energy.


About Vroom Foods

Vroom Foods is a small, independent energy food company based in Costa Mesa, California. The company is rapidly expanding and is steadfast in its mission to bring portable, affordable and powerful energy options to an energy craving world. For more information about Vroom Foods products and history visit its website at


About PRStreet

PRStreet, Inc. is based in Cary, North Carolina and serves a variety of clients throughout the United States. Founded in 1992, the firm’s clients include Communities in Schools of North Carolina, 1st Carolina Properties, Encaff, LLC  and the Spare Some for Autism Foundation. For more information on PRStreet and its services, visit its website at or email


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